Our grandparents lived into old age despite modern prepackaged foods, smog and other pollution’s. Our grandparents lived a healthy life using foods for longevity and plenty of exercise. The air was fresher and there was little stress. In looking for ways to extend your life, adopt your grandparents’ diet for longevity along with other healthy practices.

Experts agree that diets for longevity include fresh fruit and vegetables. Some of their findings, however, will surprise you.

1. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants which promote healthy cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure. Antioxidants also battle some types of cancer.

2. Add years to your life by drinking water. Save the planet and your own life by drinking plain tap water. Dehydration causes many ills and doctor bills, so drink plenty of water as part of diets for longevity.

3. Among our grandparents’ foods for longevity probably wasn’t red wine. The skin of red grapes has the good properties that avert cardiovascular problems and it gets processed into red wines. White grapes shed their skin before being made into wine. Red wine thins the blood and raises the good cholesterol.

4. Eating oatmeal cookies isn’t considered in ways to extend your life, but oats are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Oats help lower cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. Don’t use the instant because it’s junk.

5. Eggs contain all nine amino acids the body cannot produce. It is a complete protein and will add years to your life. Cooked them in good oils or you’ll contaminate the good properties of eggs.

6. Cottage cheese. Low in calories and high in protein. Normalizes blood sugar levels.

7. Almonds are packed with vitamins and minerals for healthy skin, bones and teeth. They have been known to fight certain types of cancer.

8. Extra virgin olive oil not only protects the heart and the stomach lining, it is used in skin preparations for acne in addition to some natural soaps.

9. Spinach is good in salads and cooked. It fights heart disease, packs vitamins and minerals and protects the eyes.

10. Bananas contain vitamins, potassium and fiber. One banana sets up the body for a healthy day.