10 Secret Foods that Fight Cold & Flu - Cure Cold & Flu Naturally

Some people don’t always like to take a lot of medicine when they get sick and have to fight cold & flu symptoms. Aside from the side effects of many over-the-counter and prescription medications (like drowsiness and dizziness for example), there are many folks who are allergic to some pills and syrups. The good news is there are many foods that prevent cold & flu symptoms that many folks just may not be aware of.

Cure Cold & Flue Naturally

1. Tea – It is so much better than coffee, especially green tea. Both are rich in antioxidants, and very good for you if you get sick. It’s even better against colds if you add lemon or lemon juice to it, which also has germ fighting properties.

2. Skim milk – Milk really does do a body good, especially when it comes to boosting your immune system. This drink can prevent cold and flu by supplying your body with an efficient amount of Vitamin D. The best place to get it is in items like fortified milk, yogurt, and wild salmon.

3. Pasta – Another one of the foods that cure cold and flu symptoms is one you might enjoy if you like eating out. Iron and zinc are two nutrients that our bodies need, and many forget that pasta is full of them both.

4. Garlic – This relative of the onion can fight off cold and flu symptoms as well. Its properties significantly increase white blood cell count.

5. Pumpkin Seeds – Another one of the natural remedies for cold & flu. You can add pumpkin seeds to oatmeal or trail mix for a healthy dose of zinc.

6. Red Bell Peppers – Do you like making stir fry? Well, if you have trouble in trying to prevent cold and flu symptoms, then bring on the red bell peppers. They are delicious, and have even more vitamin C than oranges – about three times as much!

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7. Blueberries – They are the best berry that you can eat, even though they’re all good for you. Blueberries have large amounts of Vitamin C.

8. Broccoli – Raw broccoli is the best way to eat it for boosting your immune system; cooking reduces the chemicals that develop the white blood cells that fight off sickness. Still, you can steam them and they’d be just as effective.

9. Mushrooms – Another good source of vitamin D, mushrooms (especially fresh ones) are very good for your body’s immune system. Mushrooms have anti-viral nutrients in them.

10. Yogurt – If you like eating yogurt, then go for it! Some of the brands that are on the shelf don’t have enough probiotics, but others can help you fight your cold or flu.