If you want to ensure that your family is going to be healthy, happy and have a bright future then you need to follow the 12 steps below. You can assure yourself that you have done your best to provide everyone the opportunity to grow into happy and enriched adults with a lifetime of memories and family.

Habits of Healthy & Happy Family

1. Behavior of a healthy family is important. You need to make sure to eliminate negative behavior and provide positive examples.

2. If something negative must be contended with in the family then provide a positive statement about how well the family or individual will handle it and make the right decision.

3. Always set the example of finding a way to get through tough times quickly and efficiently.

4. Facts of a healthy family are a way of life. To remain healthy in mind and body you must accept the illnesses and accidents that can happen.

5. With each new issues you need to research all information and provide the best feed back possible to doctors and family members in order to make the healthiest decision possible. This creates confidence that the individual seeking treatment or a solution is loved and informed.

6. A happy family must communicate in a positive way and keep talking. When arguments occur, keep your voices under control and do not make threats you will never carry out. If you need to provide punishment for an offense, make it reasonable to the problem and do it with love.

7. Diet of a healthy family is very important. Choose foods that are healthy for everyone and be aware of allergies and preference. You can work a balanced diet according to everyone’s needs by using raw fruit and vegetables as snacks.

8. If you are going to choose a vegetarian diet then do your research so you provide enough nutrients for your families needs. Combinations of certain vegetarian foods will provide the protein and vitamins your body needs for energy and future growth.

9. A clean and healthy family will stay happy far longer than one that lives with constant clutter. Create spaces for storage and organize your life. Keep the floors clear in case of emergencies and to prevent accidents from tripping.

10. Make sure you use products that will not be toxic to your families health when cleaning. There are a lot of green products on the market today that can provide a clean, healthy and safe environment for everyone.

11. Set time limits for cleaning. A clean environment is important, but it must not take the place of family time. A clean home provides a wonderful place for the family to gather and bond, but it should not take the place of family togetherness.

12. A happy family takes the time to find a reason to laugh together. Tell jokes, stories from your day or just laugh. Tell your children stories from your own childhood to provide them with a family history to carry on to their own children. Your family will be happy and healthy far into the future if the first generation teaches the next how to continue the habit of a clean & healthy family.