Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. The life growing inside of her is the center of everything she does. Her schedule, her diet, her feelings and her soul all go into taking care of herself and the new life that is growing within her. Sometimes, there are issues that arise like diabetes or high blood pressure. The doctor is suspect to the reasons behind the diabetes and begins speaking to her about pregnancy diabetes tips and a pregnancy diabetes diet that she should follow. Diabetes can develop later in pregnancy when the body is changing and the baby is growing. Hormones and chemicals in the body begin to react differently. Food and the way the body breaks down the foods, along with what the body does with the food, all come into the picture. Questions arise such as will there still be a problem with diabetes, after the baby is born. Will the blood pressure stabilize and will she ever dump all of the excessive water weight?

Gestational diabetes sometimes creeps up when a woman is approaching the second or third trimester of her pregnancy. Pregnancy diabetes symptoms to watch for are:

• High cravings for sweets
• Excessive thirst
• Low energy level
• Changes in blood sugar levels
• Excessive weight changes

After giving birth to your baby, the gestational diabetes will usually go away. If it does not, the doctor will suggest pregnancy diabetes treatments such as blood sugar regulating medications or a new diet to follow.

Looking at gestational diabetes begins with the 24 hour fast and blood sugar testing. Your doctor will ask you to not eat after midnight. He will draw blood at the hospital and then give you some really sweet drink to consume. This sweet drink tastes like an orange crush with lots of extra sugar. A nurse or your doctor will begin testing your blood every hour for the next four hours. This will allow the doctor to see what your body is doing with the sugar you consume, over the course of a few hours. This also allows the doctor to come up with a pregnancy diabetes treatment or pregnancy diabetes diet for you to follow. Knowing the levels your blood sugar goes to will help him understand how your body is working and if you will need insulin assistance. Diabetes tips to follow:

• Stay away from sweet drinks and sodas.
• Eat diets full of nutrition instead of empty calories. This will help you maintain a healthy weight as well as manage your pregnancy diabetes.
• Follow the pregnancy diabetes treatment that your physician suggests and always ask for pregnancy diabetes tips that can assist you in making good food and exercise choices.
• Exercise regularly, walk daily.
• Eat 4-6 small meals.
• Follow any directions the physician suggests such as medication, prenatal vitamins and treatments.

Once your physician understands how pregnancy is treating your body, he can develop a meal plan or suggest changes you can make to your food intake.