From Tired to Terrific - Easy 10 ways to energize

Consuming energy foods that get rid of tiredness is a great way to start your daily routine. As waking up in the morning can be hard enough, it is important to energize fast all while maintaining a healthy diet. By gaining energy the all-natural way, you are able to maintain not only a healthy lifestyle, but a fresh, relaxed mind. A few foods you can add in your diet to accomplish this new way of dieting is coffee, dark chocolate, nuts, water and leafy greens.

Ways to Energize your Mind & Body

1. Coffee

  • Coffee enhances your metabolism in a completely natural way.
  • Coffee also improves your mental focus and gives you a large boost of energy.
  • 2. Dark Chocolate

  • Dark Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine. Both help you boost yourself into a higher level of energy.
  • This type of chocolate is also an excellent mood booster.
  • 3. Water

  • Staying hydrated is a sure way to energize your mind and beat fatigue caused by lack of fluids.
  • Lack of water not only decreases your energy but also slows down your metabolism.
  • 4. Leafy Greens

  • Adding leafy greens to your daily meals is a great way to cure tiredness and give you the all-natural energy you have been searching for.
  • Leafy greens contain folate which reduces the amount of depression your mind produces throughout the day.
  • 5. Salmon

  • Salmon is another anti-depressant food that is also a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Diminishing depression will give you energy a large boost that you have been missing out on.
  • 6. Cashews, Almonds and Hazelnuts

  • These three nuts contain high amounts of protein and magnesium which helps convert sugar into energy.
  • Being low on magnesium can lower your energy levels.
  • 7. Fresh Fruits and Veggies

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to stay hydrated and energized from the amounts of water and vitamins that fresh produce contains.
  • 8. Tea

  • Drinking tea is another type of liquid that can help you get rid of tiredness with the caffeine that tea contains.
  • Tea also helps improve alertness and reaction time.
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    9. Lean Meats

  • Lean meats are a great source of protein and tyrosine which both help you energize fast and efficiently
  • Lean meats also contain B-12 that helps diminish insomnia and depression.
  • 10. Fiber

  • Fiber helps you beat fatigue throughout the day and maintain your focus.