When you have diabetes it is hard to live a normal life. You need to curve your eating habits and you need to know how to control diabetes. If you have diabetes, there are foods that cure diabetes that you need to eat to ensure that the diabetes is under control. You can enjoy your meals with type 1 diabetes diet.

Vegetables are a powerful source of nutrients, and they include broccoli or corn. These are low in sugar and they are low in calories. They make you feel fuller because the have a high fiber content. If you eat more vegetables, they are a natural cure for diabetes. Some fruits are sweet but they are overloaded with vitamins, and they include things like grapefruit or melons. If you eat beans, they are rich in fiber as this helps you to slow the digestion process.

Tomatoes have a very high level of vitamins as this improves your immune system, and it fights disease. They are rich in protein and it is a good substitute for meat, and you need to eat fish like trout. It is rich in omega-3 and helps to know how to control diabetes, and you should eat this twice a week. This will help you as these are packed with starch, and potatoes have a high level of vitamins. If you control your portions this is a natural cure for diabetes. If you consume nuts that have oil and fatty acid, these are good foods that cure diabetes. A diabetic person’s insulin works better carrying glucose to the cells. When you go on the type 1 diabetes diet, you can eat yogurt. This is a great substitute for fatty meat, and yogurt is made of the good bacteria. It also improves a person’s digestive system.

For a pre diabetes diet, then you need to consume cereal. If you eat more cereal it will make you feel fuller because the cereal has fiber.