One of the best way to strengthen immune system response health is eating right. Eating protein & vitamin rich foods is one of the best ways to take in minerals necessary for immunity boosting. The below listed foods are great Immunity Boosters.

List of foods to strength your immune system

1. Chicken soup, especially loaded with oregano, thyme, onions, rosemary, and garlic is one of the best immune system boosters. Hot soup helps to reduce mucus which builds up in the nasal passage and lungs. Adding to that, soup hydrates the body and provides electrolytes used to carry bio-electrical signals from cell to cell.

2. Beef is one of the foods that boost immune system responses due to zinc. The immune system is enhanced by zinc because it is important for the creation of white blood cells which viruses and bacteria.

3. Oats and Barley contain a type of fiber known as beta-glucan. It has anti-oxidant and anti-microbial capabilities. It is one of the best immune system boosters.

4. Brazil Nuts contain high concentrations of zinc, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. Chronic disease risk is lowered when eating these nuts. They are great vitamins to boost immune system response.

5. Mushrooms benefit the immune system because they increase white blood cell activity and production making them aggressive towards foreign invaders.

6. Green vegetables such as beans, peas and kale are a great source of vitamin B that offers nerve, energy, adrenal and immune system support.

7. Fish is rich in vitamins responsible for producing cytokines-proteins that help get rid of flu viruses.

8. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A responsible for connective tissue production which maintain skin, a defense against microscopic invaders like germs, viruses and bacteria.

9. Persimmons are fruit foods that boost immune system health. The persimmons fruit may not be one of the protein rich foods, but contains vitamins A and C. Both vitamins help enhance immune response to infectious diseases.

10. Yogurt contains probiotics which keep the intestinal tract and gut free of disease-causing germs. Probiotics are behind the simulation of white blood cells.